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Update: I posted this back in October of 2014. Since then I have re-created this blog and have completed my goal of losing 100 pounds. You can read about it here. Read through the entire article as I have also updated the information about which essential oils I use in my face wash.

Original post: The long lost blogger has returned. I apologize for the absence but my life has been going through some changes and I have not figured out how to adjust my time yet.

Last November, I told you about the juice fast that began all of these changes. Since then, I have lost 82 lbs. and am only 13 lbs. from my goal. My story was featured on Joe Cross’ website. This change has required a big commitment. During the past year, I have spent time making healthy lunches, researching delicious low carbohydrate recipes for my family and exercising. In order for me to be successful on this journey toward better health, I HAVE to include exercise. I have really missed blogging but have had such a hard time fitting in the time to do it. So, here I am. Hopefully more regularly.

One of the ways that I am improving my health is to eat more “real” food rather than processed ones and use more “real” beauty and cleaning products rather than commercially made products that contain lots of chemicals. I have made body wash, moisturizing body butter, homemade laundry soap, citrus vinegar all purpose cleaner, and the most amazing shower cleaner. This face wash is the latest of my homemade alternatives and I just LOVE it!!

It is easy, inexpensive and delivers beautiful results. The benefits I have experienced since using this face wash are smoother skin and more even skin tone. I have also seen the small skin tags that I used to get on my neck just DISAPPEAR! In addition, my 13 year old son was having trouble with acne on his temples and nose. After months of using astringent wipes and acne cream with little results, we tried this face wash on him. In 2 days, his skin was nearly clear!! I couldn’t believe it.

The recipe is easy and the beauty of it is that you can individualize it for your skin type. The basic recipe is just 1 1/2 cups of baking soda, 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Mix the baking soda and water to form a stiff paste then, using a hand or stand mixer, whip the paste with the coconut oil.


To the basic recipe, add about 20 drops of whichever essential oil you like (see chart below). I use lemongrass. It was actually a happy accident. It was the only oil I had on hand at the time. I love the fresh scent and it obviously works wonders for my son’s acne. UPDATE: For my next batch, I have added Geranium and Lemongrass. I just love it! I get the multiple skin care properties of the Geranium and the fresh scent of the Lemongrass.

I put the face wash in a container from the stash that I had saved. I have kind of an addiction to saving containers for re-use. This one worked perfectly. I wanted to be sure to use a plastic one since I use it in the shower. If you are going to use it at the sink, I would recommend using a glass container.

face wash1

Here is a chart to help you choose which essential oil to use. I hope this is helpful, I found it on this website. Let me know if you try it and which oil you like. I love to hear from you.



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  1. Hi Sharon, I found your story on Joe’s reboot website as I’ve been getting into juicing. Congratulations on your transformation!

    I’m looking forward to trying this face wash you posted, I try to use natural products when I can, too! Just now I filled up a jar full of citrus peels and covered it in vinegar so I can try your all-purpose cleaning spray (I’ve been using vinegar and water on its own for a while already), excited to try it! I am interested to see your recipes for the other beauty and cleaning remedies you mentioned – especially the shower cleaner. Thanks for the information you’ve shared with us random internet folk so far. 😉

    • Mari, Congratulations on your journey to better health with juicing and eliminating chemicals in your home. My shower cleaner is 1/3 cup heated vinegar mixed with 1/3 cup of 50:50 regular Dawn and water. Spray it on the shower, let sit at least 20 min. Then wipe down and rinse. I will tell you that it is much easier to rinse it if you have a hand held shower head because it takes a lot of water to rinse it thoroughly. I hope you enjoy your citrus vinegar, face wash and shower cleaner. If you would like automatic emails when I post a new article, just enter your name and email in the “get updates via email” box